Originally from Japan, Stockholm based Chihiro Tsuji is a weaver and dyer who makes scarves from natural materials.

Her handwoven textiles are made of natural fibres such as cashmere, alpaca, yak and silk. All the materials she uses are sourced from trusted companies in Japan.

“Animal fibre; given from animals. Plant fibre; given from plants.“ This is very easy to forget in our busy daily life, but textiles made from natural fibres give humans a comfortable life. She believes that we should pay more attention to this and be grateful to all of the living creatures on earth which consist of many forms of life: insects, plants, animals and humans.

We need to remember that they do not belong to us.

In respect to nature, she strives for minimum yarn waste and environmental impact when designing and creating her pieces.

Her craft is not only a way of making, but a way of thinking about how we can coexist with other living things on our planet.