Kintsugi is an old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. The 'New Kintsugi' repair kit by Humade combines this lovely old technique with new technology. By visible mending you emphasise the marks and scars of an object, giving it a new perspective and beauty while offering it longevity.

To sign up for the workshop please send an email to to secure your spot. Let us now if you would like a kit in gold or silver in your email. Please bring some broken item with you that you want to mend at the workshop. We recommend you bring a ceramic item of a simpler shape, but the kit can also be used on other materials such as glass, wood and some plastics (polyester, bakelite).

Cost: 420 kr (the same price as a kit in our shop and there is enough material inside the kit to bring home after the workshop and repair many more items)