The "World Cosplay Summit" (WCS) is the largest cosplay festival in the world. It started in 2003 in Nagoya, Japan and is celebrating its 18th edition this summer.

The main event of the WCS is the "World Cosplay Championship", a world-class competition in which representative teams of two perform in cosplay costumes of characters from Japanese manga, anime, video games or 'tokusatsu' films.

Teams compete in 2 key areas: the first being the crafsmanship and quality of the costumes made by hand by each team, and the second being a choreographed stage performance.

The WCS can be considered the Champions League of Cosplay and only the best of the best of each representative country get selected to go to Nagoya, Japan in the hopes to be crowned World Champions!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The World Cosplay Summit was cancelled this year and its future uncertain, Sway Gallery is proud to be hosting the costumes of Team Sweden in support of the WCS who are crowdfunding to ensure the continuity of the event from 2021 and beyond.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we are unable to have a vernissage or any related events like we normally do, however the exhibition is free to visit during our opening ours from the 18th of August to the 20th of September.

Any sales of photo prints will be donated directly to the WCS.

Please visit the WCS’ Kickstarter page for more information.