Kamenoko Tawashi Body Brush

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Scrubbing brush for the body made by renowned company Kamenoko Tawashi. Choose hardness depending on how used you are to the brush.

Can be used in the bath or even the dry brushing.

Sato-san (Sisal): Very soft for beginners

Tamura-san (Sisal & Hemp palm) : Soft for when you have become a little used to it

Narita-kun (Hemp palm) : Harder for people who are used to it

Size : W8.5 x L15 x H5 cm

Made in Japan

TAWASHI health & beauty care

Brushing and massaging with TAWASHI is one of health care method.
It can lighten swelling, backache, poor blood circulation and more.
Good for use during bath time and also dry brushing.