Futagami Ihada Coaster

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Ihada Coaster from Futagami, Toyama, Japan

Designed by Yoshiki Yamazaki

Size: dia115 x h20mm

Material:Brass, silicone

Recommended to keep the coasters dry after usage. If any liquid is left on the coasters for a long period of time, the minerals in the water will accumulate creating white stains in a form of white powder.

To remove the water stains, please dilute 5 % citric acid with water to make a solution. Use this solution to wipe the coaster with a clean cloth. Please rinse it and then dry well.

FUTAGAMI, a brass foundry founded in Toyama, Japan in 1897.

Brass products gradually change their color over the course of many years due to oxidization. The longer they are used, the richer and subtler they become, dissolving into the human heart and the environment. Enjoy this loving, brass livingware for many years to come.