Kujira Knife

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Kujira Knife by Tosauchi Hamono made in Kochi, Japan.

The Kujira knife is completely hand made by the blacksmith Tetsuji Yamashita, who is the second generation of the family company Fujigen Hamono Seisakusyo in Kochi. They have more than 40 years of experience. Tosauchi hamono is one of the traditional crafts of Kochi and can be traced back to the Kamakura era (ca 1300). Mr Yamashita is also a specialist in making sickles.

The idea of the Kujira (whale) knife came from a conversation with a mother. She asked Mr Yamashita to make a pencil sharpener without sharp edges for her daughter. It can also be used as a carving knife. The Kujira knife is popular as a gift because of the professional quality and the cute whale shape that is a symbol of Kochi.