Kitamura Tokusai Kobukusa 正羽一重牡丹唐草

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Kitamura Tokusai Fukusaten was established in 1712 in the Nishijin area in Kyoto. Nishijin is a place historically known for weaving and dyeing. The Kitamura Tokusai fine silk textiles are made by skilled artisans and the family has carried on the tradition for over 300 years. Fukusa silk cloths are pure silk and carefully hand sewn to be used in Japanese tea ceremony.

古帛紗 Kobukusa

正羽一重牡丹唐草 Shouha hitoe botan karakusa

Double layered pure silk. It is often placed under the tea bowl when serving tea in tea ceremony. Shouha uses two colours of thread, one for the base ( herringbone weaving) and another for the pattern. It is soft, smooth and delicate.

Size: 15,9 x 15 cm